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Welcome to The Food Wizard for Kids -  where we put the fun back into nutrition and healthy eating.  As a mother to two young children I understand the frustrations and challenges that come with feeding children a balanced diet.  As a Registered Dietitian I have the skills and expertise to make it easier for you!


 I'm here for every parent who has at some point wondered if their child is destined to only eat pasta, snack on junk food and refuse their vegetables.   I'm here to set new parents up for success with eating strategies and routines.  I'm here to provide nutrition counseling for families who are struggling with health concerns and weight gain.   I'm here to give talks to parents at PTA events and libraries on how to raise your kids to have a healthy relationship with food.  I even offer workshops for kids that involve taste tests and food art and adventures with fruit and vegetables.

Pretty much anyone can benefit from a Food Wizard visit but I especially like working with

pre-school and elementary aged children, young families, and parents. 

To learn more about the magical services I offer click here


Gemma is a dynamic and entertaining speaker on the subject of nutrition.  Her passion for the subject is evident in her talks and her enthusiasm for making healthy changes is contagious.  She is equally comfortable speaking to small or large (200+) groups.   We asked her to talk at our annual Cardiowise Café event three years in a row and that pretty much says everything you need to know! 

Nancy Uzo – VP Public Affairs Mather Hospital.

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The Food Wizard For Kids

Making food and nutrition fun  for the whole family

At the Dinner Table
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