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Start today!

I'll just do it tomorrow.

Anyone else out there coming up with a new business idea that gets you all excited? But you don't know where to start? And besides, there are other things that need to get done? Like a paying job. Or the laundry. Or dinner. Or a quick (ha!) glance at facebook.

Starting a new business is a bit like starting a diet - tomorrow always seems like a better day to get going. But FINALLY, after months of talking and talking... I am finally putting it all together and it feels magical.

Welcome to The Food Wizard for Kids! I am no longer some boring dietitian that is just here to help people with weight loss. I am here to help you bring magic back to your dinner table. I'm here to set new parents up for success with eating strategies and routines. I'm here to visit preschools and elementary schools with magical workshops for kids that involve taste tests and food art and adventures with fruit and vegetables. I'm here to give talks to parents at PTA events and libraries on how to raise your kids to have a healthy relationship with food. And best of all... for those families that are feeling overwhelmed, who feel like meal times have become a disaster... you can now hit the RESET BUTTON - because I will even come to your house, cook dinner with the whole family and together you will rediscover dinner nirvana.

Let's do this!

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