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My name is Gemma Saylor and I like to call myself "The Food Wizard For Kids" - mostly because that is a lot friendlier, and less technical, than rambling on about being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  I also think it is a much better way of explaining what it is that I actually do!  Where other dietitians might only focus on weight management, diabetes or other health concerns... the Food Wizard for Kids takes a more holistic approach.  The Food Wizard for Kids emphasizes making food (and nutrition) fun again for the whole family but also focuses on the social and emotional well being of each family member to ensure healthier lives and happier families. 


Guess what?  Food is fun!!  Food is an adventure and for kids it is all about discovery.  You might even say it is magical. Or at least it should be.  And when food is fun and dinner is an event that the whole family looks forward to... it becomes a lot easier to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.  After counseling clients of all ages in hospitals and in my private practice I've found that one thing consistently holds true - the best habits are the ones formed early on!

It's great to work with families to set them up with routines and habits before health issues or weight gain becomes a concern but I find it extremely rewarding to work with families who are struggling - to provide them with support, understanding and the skills to make healthy changes. 


Pretty much anyone can benefit from a Food Wizard visit but I especially like working with pre-school and elementary aged children, young families, and parents.  I host workshops in schools, give talks at libraries and PTA events and I even come right into your home.  To learn more about the magical services I offer click here


Healthy Morning

Professional Qualifications - I am a fully qualified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 9 years experience working in hospitals, public health and private practice.   I'm an experienced and engaging speaker - as the director of Mather Hospital's "Rethink your Drink" program I held more than 50 workshops across Suffolk County at worksites, schools and libraries and as part of the speakers bureau I was sought out for providing nutrition talks throughout the region. As a volunteer I have run several nutrition workshops with City Harvest and I participated on the wellness committee in our school district for the past two years.


I have completed the certificate in training for adult weight management and for child and adolescent weight management.  I received my bachelors degree from Tufts University and completed my didactic program of dietetics at Hunter College, New York.  It should be noted however that I have taken absolutely no classes in magic or wizardry.

Gemma's presentation to our parents was very well received.  The content was great and the pace and flow were perfect.  Gemma is a fun and engaging speaker and everyone left feeling inspired to make simple healthy changes for their family.  We got lots of positive feedback from the attendees and would definitely recommend her as a speaker.

Denise Campbell

Cold Spring Harbor school district

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