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Magical Services

Healthy Weight Counseling for Families

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I provide weight management counseling for children and their parents.  It can be a stressful and emotional time for parents and their children when weight gain has become a concern.  Some children become anxious at the thought of meeting a dietitian which is why my sessions are fun and incorporate games, activities and educational components so that your child develops a trusting relationship with me. Sessions also include time with at least one parent where we focus on which routines and habits they can help facilitate so that their child has the best chance of success in making positive changes. Sessions can take place in my Greenlawn office or in your home. In home visits are most effective as I am able to get a greater sense of all aspects of family life and children are frequently more open to seeing a dietitian in the comfort of their own home.  Initial session $150.  Follow up sessions $100 (travel fees may apply for in-home sessions). 

BACK TO BASIC PROGRAM -  This is a six week program where I meet weekly with the whole family and review basic nutrition concepts using age appropriate actitivies, set up basic healthy routines, review reward systems, screen time, sleep habits and additional social and emotional concerns.  At the end of the program a written report is provided for each member of the family outlining any major concerns and highlighting specific recommendations for healthy changes. $750.

I am passionate about food (and nutrition).  But let's be serious, mostly food. And I love giving talks that inspire my audience to make fabulous changes in their lives (or their kid's lives) that set them up for a healthy future.  My presentations are designed to be fun and motivating.  I am available to talk to your organization on any nutritional topic.  Recent audience favorites include "Raising your child to have a healthy relationship with food" and "The Latest food crazes and what to make of them."  For availability and pricing please contact me at info@thefoodwizardforkids.

"This is such a wonderful program.  Gemma's expertise and guidance was greatly appreciated by our patrons and myself" -

Jennifer C.

Children's Librarian, Smithtown Library

Speaking  Engagements
Workshops for kids

Can food get any more fun?  Taste testing, Food Art and eating... with kids!  I hold workshops at pre-schools, elementary schools and girl scout troop meetings!  The goal of the workshop is to get kids discovering new foods (mainly fruit and vegetables) by having fun.  I also sneak in a few suggestions for kids about how they can be the perfect dinner date at home.  Prices start at $295 (up to 10 children).  Larger group rates available. 

Family Night Dinners

You've probably come across research that suggests how involving your children in food preparation and cooking can have lifelong (nutritional) benefits.  But how young can they start?  How can they help? Wouldn't it be quicker to just do it yourself?

Family Night Dinners take place in your home.  The event can vary, depending on the age of the children in the household, but often involves the whole family preparing food, trying new foods, eating together and rediscovering conversation beyond "eww I don't want to eat that."

I provide as much or as little help as needed with the actual cooking depending on what you want to get out of the evening.    Along the way I provide fun short cuts for easy night meals and tips on how to present new foods to children.  This one night can have a lasting impact on how you and your family approach mealtimes.    So if dinner has become something that you dread or if you have infants and you want to start out on the right foot... this is for you. Before the event we will discuss your needs so that I can tailor the evening to suit your family. Pricing varies based on menu selection and number of participants.

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