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Do you have any   great kid-friendly recipes?

I often get asked for lunch box ideas or great family recipes and I love sharing my favorite sources of inspiration!  These chefs, food bloggers and instagrammers are so talented and creative that you really don't need to go far to find inspiration.  Here are some of my favorite spots to find recipe magic:  Jamie Oliver family, weelicious, kidgredients, the lunchbox queen, healthy little foodies, my kids lick the bowl, dinner a love story, smitten kitchen.

Of course if I am just cooking for myself (and my husband) I love food52 and the Wednesday chef.

Why do you focus so much on fruits and vegetables in your kids workshops?
Why don't you have all of your pricing available online?

Every client/workshop/speech is different.  From the number of participants to the type and amount of food that will be used and prepared.  If you are interested in a particular service contact me at  

Most children in the US get enough calories in their diet but they rarely get enough nutrients (according to the American Heart Association <1% children consume an ideal healthy diet). Yikes!  So bright and colorful fruits and veggies are a fabulous nutrient-packed place to start!  


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